PD3 Didactic Pilot Plant HART

Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS

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The purpose of SMAR's Instructional Didactic Plant is to demonstrate the operation of several control loops using the same equipment and configuration tools developed for industrial control applications. In a compact assembly, all loop components are accessible to teachers and trainees. Instead of a structure for simple observation, this plant can operate realistically.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, the implementation of control loops is carried out using the same instrumentation control that daily professionals deal with. In addition to the supplied loops, it is possible to add others without any mechanical changes. This is carried out through simple modification of the existing devices. SMAR's Instructional Didactic Plants are monitored and operated from a control station comprised of PC and supervision software.

Data acquisition is carried out using several pieces of equipment and is subsequently presented using animated displays. Modifying internal values in the equipment can actuate data acquisition as well as initiate a modification of each control loops operational mode.

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