TDA04 Data acquisition module

TDA04 Data acquisition module

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  • DIN rail mount
  • 4 High level analogue inputs
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 1 Digital output
  • RS 485 port with ModBus RTU (slave) protocol

Process inputs:

4 High level analogue inputs

- Voltage (V):  0/2...10 V
- Current (mA): 0/4...20 mA
Input impedence:
- 66Ω for 0/4…20 mA
- 120 KΩ for 0/2…10 V

4 digital inputs

- Free Voltage

Process outputs:

1 Digital output:

- Relay SPST-NO (5 A-AC1, 2 A-AC3 / 250 VAC)

Power supply:

24, 110, 230 VAC ±10%


- Data acquisition module
- Acquisition time: 2 samples per second


High and Low alarm on output relay

Communication and programming:


- RS 485 port with ModBus RTU and J-bus (slave) protocols


Mounting method: DIN rail mount
Case dimensions: 70 x 85 x 61 mm ( 4 DIN Modules)


Signals connection
2,5 mm² screw terminal block

Connectable to:

- SCADA for monitoring, traceability and remote management
- DX and DY gateways for remote monitoring

Used for:

- Multiloop data acquisition and process control

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