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An Intrinsically Safe, Self-Contained, Fixed Focus Two-Wire sensor, the PSC-SC1000-EX is designed primarily for precise measurements of non-reflective surfaces in the -20 to 1000ºC temperature range. This remarkable sensor features a response time of 240ms and has excellent stability. When equipped with a sturdy Stainless Steel 316 housing, the sensor is ideally suited for hazardous conditions.

The applications for PSC-SC1000-EX are varied and numerous. When used in condition monitoring of petrochemical furnaces, vessels and storage tanks, the sensor can accurately measure the temperature of mechanical surfaces and eliminate the need to replace easily damaged thermocouples. It can also be used to measure liquid surface temperatures. In paper and packaging production, the sensor’s condition monitoring can eliminate a fire and explosion hazard due to the dust associated with the process. Coal and aggregates on conveyors also benefit from the watchful vigilance of the PSC-SC1000-EX sensor. It can eliminate a gas explosion risk when dealing with automotive painting solvents and painted surfaces. In addition to monitoring the temperature of surfaces on offshore platforms, the sensor can be used to measure the temperature of the sea’s surface.

The rugged PSC-SC1000-EX, when used in conjunction with an isolation barrier, satisfies the demand for an intrinsically safe infrared temperature sensor that can be used in hazardous areas for surface equipment including Class I, Div. I and II (for gas), and Class II, Div. I and II (for dust). This eliminates the need for bulky flameproof enclosures while providing highly accurate and repeatable readings.

The PSC-SC1000-EX sensor may be connected to a PC via the optional USB adapter and included Windows® compatible software. Configurable settings include emissivity, 4-20 mA temperature range, averaging, peak and valley hold processing and reflected energy compensation.

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