SL Inventory Grade Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Measures liquid level in sanitary applications.

  • Fewer tune-ups.
  • No more overflows.
  • More reliable inventories.
  • 3-A compliant.
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Receptacles with optional Field Wiring Connectors.

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The field tested performance of the “SL” transmitter means the elimination of expensive, repetitive re-calibrations along with protection against costly overflow/run-dry situations that can occur with less stable level transmitters. The 0.2% accuracy experienced at installation can now be expected a year later!

We’ve also incorporated a field calibration feature that provides “one-touch” sensor zeroing as well as simple range calibration, without the need for special tools and fixtures, pressure sources, or removal of the transmitter from the tank. This translates to real cost savings during installation or when adjusting for new application requirements. With the addition of our standard quick disconnect receptacles; we have even extended our two-year warranty to cover water ingression.

Of course the “SL” Transmitter is available in all standard fitting and range combinations you’ll need to fit any sanitary tank application. All variations are CE compliant, meet applicable 3-A Sanitary Standards, and are backed by a 2-year warranty.


  • Fewer tune-ups
  • No more overflows
  • More reliable inventories
  • 3-A compliant; Third party verified

Special Features

  • Quick Disconnect Receptacles with optional Field Wiring Connectors
  • One-Touch Field Calibration · Available with Hart Communication


  • Inventory Control
  • Batching/Mixing Control
  • Both Conductive and Non Conductive Fluids

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Part No.
Product Code
Span Range
0-30" min to 0-140" max with HART
Anderson Flush Mount Long
Diaphragm Material
SS-316L Electropolished
Sensor Wiring Options
Straight FWC Options
Sensor Wiring
QDR & Field Wireable Connector (FWC) w/No Cable (std.)
Height in Inches W.C.
Calibration Range
30 Inches of Water Column
±0.20% of URL at stable calibration temperature
Process Temperature Limits
0 – 265°F (-18 – 130°C)
Ambient Temperature Limits
15 – 120°F (-9 – 49°C)
Compensated Temperature Range
0 – 250°F (-18 –121°C) (process)
Response Time
526 mSec
Calibration Stability
Within ±0.2% of URL for one (1) year minimum
Supply Voltage - Loop Power (Excitation)
12-40 VDC
Supply Voltage - Loop Resistance
1550 ohms (max.) at 40 VDC, 750 ohms (max.) at 24 VDC
4-20mA DC, 2-wire. Internal test points supplied. HART option available
Electrical Connection
1/2" NPT electrical entry via replaceable M12, 5-pin Eurofast receptacle
Wetted Parts Material and Finish
316L SS electropolished to15 Ra max.
Housing Material and Finish
304 and 316 SS finished to 32 Ra max.
3 lbs
Enclosure Compliance/Protection
NEMA 4X / IP66 / IP69K(when equipped with QDR) / Washdown approved
3-A compliant
Designed and manufactured to sound engineering practices in accordance with Article 3.3 of the PED 97/23/EC
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
CE Compliant when equipped with shielded molded cord set
2 years

Spare Parts

42117K0025Molded Cordset W/25' Cable
42117K0050Molded Cordset W/50' Cable
42117K0100Molded Cordset W/100' Cable
42117H00255-Conductor Molded Cordset w/25' Cable
42117H00505-Conductor Molded Cordset w/50' Cable
42117H01005-Conductor Molded Cordset w/100' Cable
56623A0002Replacement M12 Receptacle
36240E3341Gasket - Rosemount
36240S3123Gasket - Tank Mate
36240S3212Gasket - King Gauge
44292A0001Gasket - Cherry Burrell
44348A0001Gasket - Anderson
44348A0003Gasket - Anderson Usp Vi
44348B0001Gasket - Anderson - Teflon
45352A0001Gasket - Endress & Hauser
4593600000Shell Adaptor - Liquid Scale
56511A0001Tank Plug - Cherry Burrell Long
56511A0002Tank Plug - Cherry Burrell Short
56511B0001Tank Plug - Anderson Long
56511B0002Tank Plug - Anderson Short
56511C0001Tank Plug - King Gauge Long
56511C0002Tank Plug - King Gauge Medium
56511C0003Tank Plug - King Gauge Short
56511D0001Tank Plug - Tank Mate Long
56511D0002Tank Plug - Tank Mate Medium
56511D0003Tank Plug - Tank Mate Short
5658900000Gasket - Continental
57200A0001Shell Adaptor - Tank Mate Medium & Long
57200A0002Shell Adaptor - Tank Mate Short
71060A0003Tank Shell - Anderson Long - 316L Ss
71060A0004Tank Shell - Anderson Short - 316 Ss
71060A0005Tank Shell - Anderson Long Pressure Vessel
71060A0006Tank Shell - Anderson Short Pressure Vessel
71060A0009Tank Shell - Anderson Long Hd Pressure Vessel
73198A0001Calibration Adaptor - Anderson
73198A0002Calibration Adaptor - Cherry Burrell
73198A0003Calibration Adaptor - King Gauge
73198A0004Calibration Adaptor - Tankmate

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