InPro 4550VP pH Probe

Ideal for chemical applications with high temperature and/or pressure conditions

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XEROLYT®PLUS polymer pH probe for easy handling and direct mounting

InPro 4550VP is a rugged pH probe with PPS shaft, built-in temperature sensor and Solution Ground with diagnostics, ideal for chemical applications with high temperature and/or pressure conditions.

Features and Benefits

A solid XEROLYT®PLUS polymer electrolyte (no refilling and pressurizing) in direct contact with the process media via an open junction. No clogging in contaminated media due to the open junction.
Reliable measurements in heavily contaminated liquid media
It is suitable in industrial processes with highly contaminated solutions, emulsions and suspensions and sulfide-bearing media. The Solution Ground assures accurate measurements with a built-in sensor diagnostics tool.
Rugged PPS body design
Dual 1" NPT threads allow the sensor to be screwed directly into immersion tubes, pipes, process vessels etc, due to the polymer body design, protecting the electrode from mechanical damage, acting as a housing at the same time.
High performance at tough process conditions
The polymer sensor has a high performance in toughest chemical processes with high temperature and/or pressure, or in hazardous areas.
Short description PPS shaft, XEROLYT® PLUS polymer electrolyte pH sensor with temp. sensor
pH-range 0...14
Temperature range 0...130 °C (32...266 °F)
Pressure resistance (bar) 0...8 bar (130 °C)
Pressure resistance (psi) 0...116 psi (266 °F)
Diaphragm open annular junction
Reference system Argenthal system
Solution Ground yes, with diagnostics
Sterilizable no
Autoclavable no
Sensor material Polymer PPS (40% glass fiber), diameter: 28.5 mm or 1.12"
Connector VarioPin (VP) IP68
ISM no
ATEX Certification SEV 14 ATEX 0168 X
Ex ia IIC T6/T5/T4/T3 Ga/Gb
IECEx Certificate of Conformity IECEx SEV 14.0025X
Ex ia IIC T6/T5/T4/T3 Ga/Gb
FM approval IS/ I, II, III /1 /ABCDEFG /T6

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