Pt4865-50-SC-T-S7 Redox Electrode

For measurements of oxidation reduction potential (ORP) in chemical applications

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Redox electrode with refillable liquid-electrolyte for applications in chemical processes

Pt4865 is the Redox version of 465-50, i.e. a refillable liquid-electrolyte electrode for measurements of oxidation reduction potential (ORP) in chemical applications.
Features and Benefits
Reliability and accuracy
The liquid reference electrolyte Viscolyt and the somewhat more porous ceramic diaphragm are specially selected for optimal functioning in heavily contaminated solutions in different chemical applications.
Longer lifetime
This electrode has an extended operational lifetime because it can be refilled with electrolyte.
High pressure resistance
The liquid-filled electrode is specially designed for installation in pressurizable housings, up to 6 bar.
Short description Liquid-electrolyte with 3 diaphragms redox electrode
pH-range mV
Temperature range 0...130 °C (32...266 °F)
Pressure resistance (bar) up to 6 bar overpressure
Pressure resistance (psi) up to 87 psi overpressure
Diaphragm ceramic
Number of diaphragms 3
Reference system Argenthal system
Silver-ion trap yes
Sterilizable yes
Autoclavable no
ISM no
Material Number(s) 59904275

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