TH-AX Power controllers with nominal voltage from 24V

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With power connections from the top and/or bottom


Voltage rating (Vac): from 24 up to 253 (230), 440 (400), 550 (500), 660 (600)
Nominal current (A): 16, 30, 45, 60, 100, 130, 170, 230, 280, 350, 495, 650, 1000, 1400, 1500
Power supply: 100... 240 Vac
Operation modes: Full wave switch operation TAKT, Half wave switch mode without continous component QUICK TAKT (QTM - 1AX only), phase angle VAR (not on 2AX )
3 retransmission analogue outputs
2 inputs: 0/4… 20 mA (Ri 250Ω), 0/1... 5 V (Ri 44 kΩ), 0/2... 10 V (88 k Ω), potentiometer: 5...10 k Ω
Two-color touch screen
Diagnostics message from display
Direct verification breaking fuses
Load type: resistive, with transformer, high Rh/Rc temperature coefficient (6:1)
Power circuit connections: single phase (1AX), three phase with 2 controlled phases (2AX), with 3 controlled phases (3AX)
Learning load resistance (Teach in)
Wizard configuration (Easy Start)
Data logger with RTC (64 events)
Prepared for water cooling
Operating temperature: up to +40°C (natural ventilation or forced cooling)
Dimensions W x H x D: from 45 x 199 x 190 to 110 x 276 x 235 mm depending on the size
UL approval required
Serial communication (optional): Modbus RTU, Profibus DPV1, Ethernet, DeviceNet , CANopen

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