DF56 Power Supply for Backplane 20/30 Vdc

Works independently or with another redundant power supply module

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This redundant power supply works independently or with another redundant power supply module to assure a constant power supply to the application. When two redundant power supply modules are used, both split the energy that is needed to supply to the system. When one power supply fails, the other, automatically, will assume the operation. Each power supply has a relay to indicate failures allowing the user to replace damage modules.

This module has two voltage outputs:

  • 5 Vdc @ 3A: distributed by Power Lines in the Inter-Module-Bus (IMB) through racks to supply module circuits;
  • 24 Vdc @ 300mA:  for external use through terminals 1B and 2B.

20 to 30 Vdc
Output 1
Current 3 A Maximum
Ripple 100 mVpp Maximum
Output 2
Current 300 mA Maximum
Ripple 200 mVpp Maximum

42 W

Temperature Operation
0 to 60 ºC (32 to 140 ºF)
Fail Safe

1 A, 30 Vdc SPST (fail closed)

0,450 Kg

39.9 x 137.0 x 141.5 mm
(1.57 x 5.39 x 5.57 in)

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