DF87 Power Supply

Power Supply for Backplane - 5 A, Redundant, with diagnostic

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This redundant power supply works independently or with another redundant power supply module to assure a constant power supply to the backplane. When two redundant power supply modules are used, both split the energy that is needed to supply the system. When one power supply fails, the other, automatically, will assume the operation.

This module provides a 5 Vdc output voltage, isolated from the input, with capacity of 5 A.

The DF87 has advanced diagnostics, which are indicated by LEDs, and can be read by the DFI302 controller. It also has a relay that is activated (closed) to indicate failures.

The DF87 has three ranges to signal the diagnostics. The diagnostic signal OK means the DF87 is operating in correct range, ensuring that it is far from the fault limits. If the DF87 is out of this range, before reaching the limits that stop its operation, warning diagnostics are flagged, allowing intervention before potential failures may occur. If the fault limits are reached, the DF87 stops the operation, disconnecting to the bus. Thus, the failure does not affect the performance of redundancy, the failure relay is activated (closed), and the possible causes of failures are indicated.



20 to 30 Vdc
24 Vdc Nominal



5.2 Vdc +/-2%


5 A Maximum


100 mVpp Maximum


40 W @ 5A/p>


0.453 Kg


39.9 x 137.0 x 141.5 mm
(1.57 x 5.39 x 5.57 pol)

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