LightPAC Lighting Level Control System

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The lighting intensity control is essential to optimize energy efficiency and decrease costs keeping the same performance and comfort.

The LightPAC solution uses state-of-the-art technology, achieves reduction in energy consumption, lowers CO2 emissions and provides fast return on investment.

The LightPAC lighting intensity control systems reduce the output power in an optimal way and are suitable for a full complement of lamps, even on the same line.

The system includes:

  • Thyristor power controller model Thyro-A 3A...E;
  • High performance Autotransformer with multiple step;
  • Configurable controller for the base levels, real time clock and timing.

LightPAC system permits additionally to:

  • Data monitoring;
  • Energy saving calculation;
  • Historical data with 2 years values;
  • CRTC with time schedule settings;
  • Self-learning of energy saving reference;
  • Special schedules, without losing the existing time schedule settings.

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