EN Digital Pressure Gauge/Switch

For applications in the Food, Beverage, and Dairy Industries

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The Anderson EN Digital Pressure Gauge is designed specifically for monitoring critical pressure applications in the Food, Beverage, and Dairy Industries. The product line was developed to address customer requirements for improved performance, safety, and readability of pressure indicators. The Anderson Digital Pressure Gauge provides a battery-powered, local display of pressure that is 6 times more accurate than its mechanical counter-part. Additionally, this product has 3 times the over-range capacity and 5-10 times the resolution of traditional mechanical pressure indicators. The switch version includes 2 fully adjustable switches with low-voltage relay outputs for simple control and/or alarming applications.

Part No.
Product Code
Range (URL)
Full vacuum to 0 psi (30 psig)
Engineering Units
Hg (inches Mercury)
Name on Dial
Anderson Instrument Co.
No Switching
Fitting/Process Connections
1-1/2" Tri-Clamp
Diaphragm Material
316L Stainless Steel (std.)
±0.2% of URL (upper range limit) Complies with ASME B40.7-1998
Over Pressure
Process Temperature Limits
25° – 260°F (-4°– 127°C) continuous
Ambient Temperature Limits
40° – 120°F (4° – 49 °C)
Supply Voltage
9 to 30 VDC
Relay Outputs (Switch Only)
Two (2) independent, adjustable setpoint relays: Contact rating 1 amp at 24 volts DC, SPST; Contacts open with no power to unit (failsafe) each programmable to close above and below setpoint.
Electrical Connection - Power
Digital Gauge - 2 “AA” replaceable batteries up to one-year expected life with industrial grade batteries / Digital Gauge with Switch - 9-30 Volts DC loop power
LCD, with 0.9" height
Wetted Material Materials and Finishes
316 “L” SS, welded and polished to max Ra = 25 microinches, Hastelloy C22 diaphragm optional
Housing Material
304 SS, welded
Lens Material
Actuating Fill
100% mineral oil, Meets FDA requirements (21CFR, 172.828 and 178.3620(a))
1 lb
3-A compliant
1 year

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