GB Differential Pressure Switch

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For over 20 years the Anderson-Negele “GB” has been the industry standard for insuring that continuous pasteurizer regenerators operate safely and in compliance with the PMO. Not only is it the simplest way to insure that the booster pump only runs when a safe differential exists across the regenerator, but it can also improve the operational efficiency of the system.

By utilizing one or more of the standard features, the system can be protected against oscillation during start-up, or freeze-up of the cooler. It also can provide a control signal to simplify maintenance of proper system back-pressure. And with the new high pressure and temperature options you can specify exactly the right unit for your HTST, HHST, or UHT system. For a complete package of failsafe controls, please ask about our AV9900 STLR and DART reference thermometer.


  • Complies with all PMO, CFR and 3-A standards
  • Sensor and range options for standard and high temp (UHT/ Aseptic) applications
  • Options for “split” regenerators and higher pressures now available
  • Large, bright, LED displays with simple-to-read differential bargraph
  • Dual 4-20mA retransmission standard
  • Secondary alarm relay on High Pressure channel is standard
Specifications/Spare Parts
±1.0% of full scale
Operating Range
0-99 psig, 0-199 psig, 0-9.9 bar, 0-19.9 bar
Temperature Limits
40 – 120°F (5 – 49°C)
10 to 90% RH, non-condensing
Supply Voltage
AC Power: 115 or 230 VAC, ±15%, 50/60 Hz, auto-switching
115 or 230 VAC (specify), 50/60 Hz 30W max. consumption
5 amps at 115 or 230VAC for both Differential (K1) and High Pressure Alarm (K2)
Electrical Connection
Removable keyed plug
Seven segment LED, 0.5" high
Materials and Finishes
Aluminum w/Polyurethane paint
8 1/4 lbs
FDA Milk Safety Branch memorandum of compliance with
PMO; UL listed
1 year

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