DIFP20 Pressure transmitter

To measure the relative and absolute pressures of gases, vapors and liquids

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The DIFP20 pressure transmitter with HART® interface combines maximum precision with easy operation. It is used to measure the relative and absolute pressures of gases, vapors and liquids. The integrated LCD shows measurements and device data. In the version with “Ex ia (intrinsically safe)“ explosion protection, the pressure transmitter can be fitted up to zone 0.


Stainless steel housing HART® interface Easy setup program 0.05 % linearity and turn down only 1:50 Unique design – with rotary knob for ease of operation and EX ia expolosion protection against gas and dust LCD display – with bar graph, scaling with a choice of measurement unis, display of sensor temperature, minimum and maximum pressures, current sensor functions and more


Water & Wastewater – distribution networks, irrigation, sludge/sewage, water treatment, leakage management,de­salination, marine, checking of pumps and water wells

Public utilities – water supply system, sewage systems, wastewater, industrial water, sludge, human waste etc.

Food industry – breweries, dairies

Chemical – chemicals, power stations, oil and gas

Construction – building material slurry, sediment slurry, industrial water, plant engineering offshore, shipbuilding etc.

Hygienic/Sani­tary – potable water metering, food & beverages, pharmaceutical, medium and high density fluids, blending, dosing, batching

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