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The line scanner accessory Galaxy greatly enhances the potential applications of the Metis line of pyrometers. When measuring stationary objects, this accessory allows a profiled temperature measurement based on individual data points. Or, if the object is moving, it creates a two-dimensional thermographic image from a profile measurement. This process is made possible by a mirror which tilts precisely in the cone of vision of the pyrometer. The temperature profile acquired by means of the tilting movement is displayed on the screen or can be used as analog output signal.

Galaxy SC11

Galaxy SC11 represents the standard version which is operated using the interface or by way of a PC ornotebook. The unit supplies 0/4-20 mA analog output signals for the temperature profile and for the angular position of the mirror. The object being measured can be covered with up to 4 zones in which four digital temperature data are contained. These can be: the current, the maximum, the minimum or the average value of the relevant zones. The position and the width of the each zone can be programmed as desired. While it is not necessary that they be contiguous, there shouldn’t be any overlap. The scanner accessory is therefore comparable to having four pyrometers installed in parallel and having the ability to make adjustments of spot sizes. Nevertheless, temperature variations among the individual pyrometers can be eliminated.

Galaxy SC12

Galaxy SC12 offers, in addition, a digital display and service console allowing the system to be operated without the need for a local computer. Furthermore, temperature information on the zones is available as analog output signal.

Galaxy System Scanner SC11 SC12 SC31 SC32

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