AV-9000 Recorder / Recording Controller

Circular chart recorder- for 12 inch charts

  • Four inputs recorded in four colors for enhanced legibility
  • Inputs for indicating, control, switching, alarming
  • No pen lag
  • Four PID controllers assignable to any inputs

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Chart reading is simplified by providing color coded trend lines, scales and alphanumeric data. Plain paper charts are far superior for record retention than “fax type” thermal paper used by competitors. Optional PID control is available on any four inputs.The 40 character vacuum fluorescent display coupled with the integral keypad make the AV-9000 easy to program for users at all skill levels. The case is designed to easily retrofit existing name-brand recorder cutouts.


  • Four inputs recorded in four colors for enhanced legibility
  • Four additional inputs for indicating, control, switching, alarming
  • Four PID controllers assignable to any inputs
  • Prints its own scales and alphanumeric data
  • No pen lag - all printing to same timeline

Industrial Technical Services from Ontario, Mississauga, is a single source Instrumentation and Automation company. We provide certified calibrations, PLC programming, custom controls and Panels.

Specifications/Spare Parts
±0.3% of chart span reference accuracy
Operating Range
Chart rotation time and pen ranges programmable
Ambient Temperature Limits
0.01% of span per °C deviation from 25°C
Scan Rate Response Time
Input scan rate is programmable and dependent upon the number of active inputs present on the recorder. The total scans for the instrument is 16 scans/second.
Calibration Stability
Recommended maximum interval between calibration of 1 year
10 to 90% RH, non-condensing
Supply Voltage
85 to 265 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Analog Outputs (for control
Up to four 4-20mA analog outputs; 0 to 20mA into 0-650 ohm load with 12 bits resolution
Relay Outputs
Up to eight on/off relay outputs, SPDT, contacts rated 5 amps resistive at 115 VAC, 2.5 amps resistive at 230 VAC, 1/8 HP at 230 VAC (single phase), 250VA at 115/230 VAC.
Analog Input Types
Eight total inputs of any of the following available types
Voltage Input Types
RTD, Platinum 100 ohm, 2 or 3 wire .00385 coefficient DIN
Current Input Types
43760/IEC 751 .00392 coefficient (USA)
Contact Closure Inputs
0.00392 coefficient (SAMA)0-25 mv, 0-100 mv, 0-1 VDC, 0-10 VDC0-20 mA, 4-20 mAOpen//Closed switch sensing without external voltage or resistors
Electrical Connection
Fixed in place screw terminal connections for all power and signal I/O
2-line, 40-character vacuum fluorescent display with characters 0.21 inch (5 mm) high
Case/Cover Material and Finishes
Foam injected Noryl, Lexan window
25 lbs maximum (55 kg)
2 years
50033701 Nema 4 X Panel Gasket
60803201 Cover Seal ( 4.75' )
ET-SMM4 Seal Post - Platen
00215216 12" Dia Recording Chart - 100 Rings
60500802 Pen Cartridge - Green, Red
60500803 Pen Cartridge - Blue, Green, Red
64427901 Motherboard , Recorder
64428402 Pen Arm Assembly - 2 Pen
64429001 Keypad - Recorder - Controler
36602A1109 Nut For Platen Seal Post
56014E0048 Current Output Pcb - 2 Output - Ext Pwr
60500804 Pen Cartridge - Four Colour
64426603 Relay Board Two Relays
64426605 Relay Board, 4 Relays
64427203 Universal Input Board, Single Input
64427205 Universal Input Board, Dual Input
64427601 Hardware Kit, Relay Board - Board 1
64427602 Hardware Kit, Relay Board - Board 2
64427701 Mounting Hardware, Input Board One
64427702 Hardware Kit, Input Board 2 - 3 - Or 4
64428001 Power Supply Board
64428101 Motor Driver Board
64428201 Display
64428301 Chart Drive Motor
64428404 Pen Arm Assembly - 4 Pen
64428501 Cable, Display To Driver Board
64428502 Cable, Motor Driver To Power Supply
64428503 Cable, Motor Driver To Motherboard
64428504 Cable, Power Supply To Motherboard
64429101 Hardware Kit Transmitter Power Supply
64429202 Transmitter Power Supply, Two
64429204 Transmitter Power Supply, Four
64429301 Hardware Kit, Current Out - Board 1
64429302 Hardware Kit - Current Out - Board 2
64430101 Kit, Chart Nut And Ring
64430901 Current Output Board - 1 Output
64430902 Current Output Board - 2 Output
64436302 Seal Post/Insert - Case
72801401 Battery

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“Industrial Technical Services is a single source Instrumentation and Automation company. We provide certified calibrations, PLC programming, custom controls and Panels”.


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