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FR302 is a fieldbus device that has two built-in relays making integration of Fieldbus and conventional devices such as solenoids, on/off valves, electrical actuators, motors, pumps, starters, etc. The FR302 Fieldbus Relay can be located at the field, mounted close to the conventional output devices without the need to run the conventional wiring to the control room. The FR302 is an integral part of SYSTEM302 but also integrates into other systems supporting FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus.

An extensive function block library enables the FR302 to perform logic and regulatory control functions in the field integrating it to the control strategy with other H1 Fieldbus devices on the same network. Instantiable function blocks provide great flexibility in control strategy. Link master capability allows the FR302 to work as a backup LAS for greater availability of network communications.

One very interesting application for FR302 is as interface for electrical actuators. Any electrical actuator, including Smar series AD/AR/AL becomes a Fieldbus actuator, making FR302 ideal in upgrades and plant reinstrumentations. The PID Step block is ideal in these cases since it can modulate the valve without the need for actual position feedback.

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