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The HI311 HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) Serial (RS-232) Interface is designed to provide a full physical link between a HART™ field instrument and an IBM compatible personal computer.

The interface draws power from the output signals of the RS-232 serial port without causing an overload condition on any pin.

The HI311 can be used with all HART™ communication software packages which utilize RS-232, including Smar CONF401 HART™ Communication Interface.

  • Fully compatible with HART™ products manufactured by SMAR and others;
  • System powered: no need for external power supply;
  • Tested isolation of 1500 Vdc between field instrument and EIA-RS232C adaptor pins;
  • Plastic cable packaging for easy installation;
  • Very low leakage current to the process network (Max 10 uA @35 Vdc);
  • Standard DB9 serial port connect.

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