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A complete system that provides the accurate inventory data you need to optimize production along with a foolproof way to interface with your host PLC. The Anderson Liqui-Track Level Monitor does this by incorporating industry standard components and proven tank level scaling software to measure virtually any liquid product in any storage vessel. The Liqui-Track 800 is available as either a four or eight channel system and comes standard with relay outputs and a display capable of indicating four tank levels simultaneously. The Anderson Liqui-Track Level Monitor is housed in a single NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure.

All pertinent data is visible via the display including the tank and product names, tank capacity, alarms status and, of course, current tank level in user selectable volumetric or weight units. The operator utilizes the display to select tanks contents from a simple menu of products. All of this information is readily available for plant-wide distributions via one of the communication protocols, including; RS-232 and Ethernet.

Along with our proven level sensors, this system provides a single source solution for you inventory management needs – right down to the installation and wet calibration services we provide via our factory technicians.

The Liqui-Track 800 can be ordered with one or two input modules to accommodate four or eight tanks and multiple output options. Available communications protocols include: Ethernet, DH-485 & RS232 standard.

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