ZIS 01 Infrared sensor

Does not require power supply for contactless surface temperature measurement

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  • Field mount contactless temperature sensor
  • Process connection: threaded plastic ring
  • ABS Case
  • Minimum diameter: 8mm
  • Measuring ratio: 1:1 (60°)
  • Linearised as thermocouple K signal

Process inputs:

Temperature measurement:

- Temperature range: 0...200°C
- Ambient temperature : -18...70°C
- Measuring ratio: 1:1 (60°C)
- Spectral response(µ): 6.5...14< BR>

Process outputs:

Linearised signal (as thermocouple K)

- For PV retransmission
- Output impedence : 3kΩ
- Cold juction compensation:
   To be made into the measuring instrument
- Repeatability: 0.01°C
- Thermal coefficient: 0.04%°C
- Resolution: 0,0001
- Response time: 100 mS

Power supply:



Low cost infrared sensor that does not require power supply for contactless surface temperature measurement


- Field mount
- ABS Case
- Case dimensions: 32,5 x 20 mm


Process connection:
    threaded plastic ring
Electrical connection:
Twisted , shielted thermocouple K compensated cable (0,9m)
IP 65 case protection (IP 67)

Connectable to:

- Any controller from Ascon Tecnologic range with the appropriate I/Os

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