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The CONF600Plus is a configuration software that runs on WINDOWS XP, 2000 or NT with SP3 or higher. It provides a powerful and still very easy to use graphic interface.

The CONF600Plus is a complete companion tool to create, edit, optimize and download a control strategy to the CD600 Plus controller. It is also capable of calibrating I/Os, monitoring Function Blocks online, setting network parameters, adding notes and printing documentation.

The CONF600Plus is constantly guiding the user to the next step during configuration, practically discarding the need to consult the manual. Most of the essential Function Block information is displayed on screen during editing and strategy creation.


  • Advanced graphic interface to assemble the control strategy for your application.
  • Very easy parameter setting for all Function Blocks.
  • Includes editing, calibration, optimization and online monitoring tools.
  • Documentation printing capability for configurations and parameters.
  • Network parameter setting for serial (RS-485) or Ethernet.
  • Configuration transfer between the computer and PDA.

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