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The TM302 and TMView Measurement System was designed for International Standards focusing applications like inventory control, custody transfer, well test using tank and leak detection. Based on AuditFlow - Flow Measurement System where the application is the fiscal measurement and custody transfer, Smar innovates by incorporating the audit trail characteristic to the Tank Measurement System. Due to its hardware modular configuration, as well the FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, MODBUS RTU and TCP/IP protocols as a built-in feature in the TM302 module, many options of architecture and connectivity are available to the user.


  • Complete auditable measurement in tank, test separator & tank farm;
  • HTG and HIMS measurement models;
  • Enhanced remote field device diagnostics;
  • Reduced uncertainty in measurement through digital communication with FOUNDATION fieldbus field devices, eliminating the A/D and D/A converters;
  • Standards: API, GPA, ISO, OIML and NBR;
  • Tank types supported: vertical cylindrical (with or without floating roof), horizontal pressurized cylindrical and pressurized spherical;
  • Product types supported: crude oil, refined products (gasoline, diesel, JP4, aviation
    kerosene), MTBE, lubricating oil, GLP/ natural gasoline and ethanol;
  • Language: Function Blocks Diagram;
  • Predictive & proactive maintenance, reducing maintenance and field visits due to
    the possibility of remote access to diagnostics and process information;

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