Low to Medium Turbidity Measurement (Forward/ 25o / 90o Scattered Light)

Trend monitoring of particle size distribution and color

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Trend monitoring of particle size distribution and color.

The innovative InPro 8600i/D1 and /D3 turbidity sensors combine precision technology with advanced measurement electronics in one compact sensor head, and provide highly reliable measurements at a reduced installation cost. The forward and 25o sideward scattered light measurement technology in the InPro 8600/D1 and /D3 are designed to provide dependable turbidity measurements in the low to medium particle concentration range.

Additionally, the InPro 8600i/D3 sensor includes 90o scattered light measurement and an additional blue LED light source. The 90o scattered light is very sensitive to measuring turbidity in liquids with a particle size smaller than 0.3µm. While the blue LED enables color measurement, which is especially useful in beer and sugar processing applications.

Features and Benefits

Plug and Measure
The sensor is factory calibrated over the entire measurement range (12-points for turbidity and 6-points for color). The calibration result is stored in the sensor and automatically uploaded to the transmitter when connected. This allows quick start-up and operation.
Hygienic design
The sensor is EHEDG certified. The O-rings to the process connection are FDA compliance.
Highest accuracy
Ratio measurement in the sensor eliminates interference due to background color changes. The pulse LED auto-zeroing before measurement minimizes interference due to window fouling. This provides reliable and highest accuracy of the measurement.

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