PSC-400 Camera with fast USB 2.0 Interface for fixed online process applications

Camera with fast USB 2.0 Interface for fixed online process applications.
Thermal imaging camera system with 384×288 pixels;
Thermal sensitivity is 0.08°C;
Powerful, Unlicensed, User Friendly software;
Range -20°C to 900°C (optional-1500°C).

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  • Thermal imaging camera system with 384×288 pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity is 0.08°C
  • Powerful, Unlicensed, User Friendly software
  • Temperature ranges from up -20°C to 900°C (optional-1500°C)
  • Compact size and is powered from a PC’s USB port
  • Offers high speed measurement 80 Hz
  • Adjustable focus optics and switchable lens
  • Single or multiple analog or relay outputs for process control
  • Flexible uses: fixed process imager, portable imager using tablet and can be switched to a line camera.
  • Built in alarm output signal or triggered input signal for capturing and saving events
  • Smallest cameras in their class (1.8” x 2.2” x 3.5”)

Lens Choices

32° X 24°
62° X 49°
13° X10°

Industrial Technical Services from Mississauga, Ontario is a single source Instrumentation and Automation company. We provide certified calibrations, PLC programming, custom controls and Panels.

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