On-Off Globe Valve


Valve Size 25A(1") ~ 80A(3");
Actuator Model Cylinder Type;
Actuator Action Pneumatic Double Acting / Spring Return(with Dry Air);
Operating Press 4.5 ~ 7kg/㎠.

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Valve Size 25A(1") ~ 80A(3")
Actuator Model Cylinder Type
Actuator Action Pneumatic Double Acting / Spring Return(with Dry Air)
Operating Press 4.5 ~ 7kg/㎠
Liner Adjust Manual Handle
Fluid Temp -30℃ ~ 220℃
Rating ANSI 150#
Body Material Body(A351 CF8, A216 WCB) / Trim(A182 F304, 316)
Accessory Solenoid Valve, Limit Switch, Air filter Regulator

Model Size H
mm inch
AGV-25A 25A 1" 355 380 54 184 1/4"
AGV-32A 32A 1 1/4" 361 380 54 222 1/4"
AGV-40A 40A 1 1/2" 361 380 64 222 1/4"
AGV-50A 50A 2" 373 380 76 254 1/4"
AGV-65A 65A 2 1/2" 422 430 89 296 1/4"
AGV-80A 80A 3" 422 430 95 398 1/4"

Industrial Technical Services from Mississauga, Ontario is a single source Instrumentation and Automation company. We provide certified calibrations, PLC programming, custom controls and Panels.

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