Pure Water Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

High accuracy and fast down-scale response used for most applications

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Fast, Accurate Response

The high-performance DO sensor provides especially high accuracy and fast down-scale response and is used for most applications.

The long life sensor can operate several years without any internal maintenance and is not affected by dissolved hydrogen. It is used primarily in stator cooling and nuclear power plant applications. The sensors for 770MAX include barometric pressure measurement and correction during calibration.

THORNTON's high performance ppb-level dissolved oxygen measurement capability excels in the most demanding applications. Inherent in its design is a precise zero and a highly accurate response over the entire range of measurement. This allows it to perform well at any level as well as providing very fast response to changes from one level to another. The ISM® version of this sensor provides digital conversion of the low level signal for increased reliability.

Features and Benefits

High Performance Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
Very fast response
High accuracy
Simple maintenance with drop-in modular membrane
Excellent long-term stability
Long Life Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
Several year service interval
Immunity to dissolved hydrogen interference
Especially suitable for stator cooling and nuclear power applications

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