DT301- Hart Density Transmitter


Compact and modular project;
Easy to install;
Non-contact position measurement via Hall Effect sensor;
Simple parameter configuration through local controls and indicators;
Weather proof, explosion proof, intrinsically safe;
Change of valve opening characteristic via software;

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The DT301 4 to 20 mA + Hart Density Transmitter is an instrument developed for the continuous, online measurement of liquid concentration and density, directly in the industrial process. Its pioneer technology consists of a capacitive type differential pressure transmitter coupled to a pair of pressure repeaters immersed in the process.

A temperature sensor located between the two pressure repeaters is used to compensate the temperature variations in the process fluid. A dedicated software, by means of an algorithm, calculates the fluid density. Depending on the industrial process, density may be expressed in Brix degree, Gay-Lussac degree, Baumé degree, Plato degree, concentration, etc.

Designed for process control applications, these 2-wire transmitters generate a 4-20 mA signal proportional to the density. Digital communication for remote calibration and monitoring is also provided.

Industrial Technical Services from Mississauga, Ontario is a single source Instrumentation and Automation company. We provide certified calibrations, PLC programming, custom controls and Panels.

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