MAGX2 offers a wide range of modules to allow each customer to “design” their own solution for his application. The modules are “plug and play”, can be easily installed or removed from the mother board (always check first that the unit is powered off) and have in most of the cases the size of a big post stamp

Arkon modules are divided in:

  • Power supply modules.
  • Output modules.
  • Digital communication modules.

Power supply modules:

Arkon offers 3 different options of power supply modules to fit with any electrical installation. The power supply module is an exception and come from factory already connected to the flowmeter. It is possible to exchange it for the customer however it requires some time to disconnect the current power supply module and connect the new one.

Power supply options available:

  • 90–250 VAC
  • 24 VDC
  • 12 VDC

Output modules:

Arkon offers 3 different output options suitable for most industrial applications. Only 2 output modules can be plug/used at the same time. All output modules are small sized and can be plug/unplug from mother board within seconds:

1st output slot: Current 4–20mA output or Voltage 1–10V output 2nd output slot PULSE output (includes also frequency output)

Digital communication modules:

Arkon offers 7 different options for communication. Only one of them can be installed/used at the same time. All options are based on MODBUS RTU protocol. All modules are small sized and can be plug/unplug from mother board within seconds. This wide range of communication options cover all industrial requirements from low cost cable connection as RS232 to high sophisticated and customized wireless solution as GSM SM system.

The options available are:


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