Mass Flow Meter: MW Low Pressure Drop Series

Whisper-Series Low Pressure Drop Mass Flow Meter: Controls mass flow, volumetric flow or absolute pressure with one device

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So little system impact it can run on just a whisper

Low pressure drop minimizes system impact, enabling flow measurement and control at near-atmospheric pressures, perfect for aerospace and environmental gas analysis applications. Reduced pressure drop also means more process fluids go into your process and not into your measurement devices.

Making You Faster

  • Low pressure drop enables faster stabilization for leak testing applications.
  • All flow data visible on one screen (mass flow, volumetric flow, absolute pressure, temperature).
  • No warm-up required: ready to operate in one second.
  • 5-ms speed of response for meters, 50-100 ms for controllers.
  • Accessible PID control valve tuning for best speed and stability.
  • Control mass flow, volumetric flow or absolute pressure with one device.
  • Numerous user-selectable engineering units.
  • Includes COMPOSER™ gas composition firmware.
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