Greenline 4000 Multigas Gas Analyser


Compact hand-held multifunction instrument

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GreenLine 4000 is a multigas compact hand-held multifunction instrument. The micro-processor based instrument includes a flue gas analyser, an emissions monitor and an ambient parameters indicator.

Two internal electrochemical sensors read the Oxygen (O2) and carbon monoxide (CO) gas concentration.
The gas temperature and air temperature are used in connection with the gas analysis to calculate the efficiency, excess air, and CO2 concentration.
A 10 gas parameters programmable table is used for calculations approved in accordance with DIN33962.
A third cell (NO or SO2) enables the pollution measurement. The NO concentration can be expressed in terms of NOx as required by ambient laws.

External sensors are available for ambient parameters measurement: ambient relative humidity and temperature (T+RH%), ambient CO, to check and evaluate gas network leakage and natural gas leakage detector.

GreenLine 4000 can install a fourth electrochemical sensor to monitor pollution. In this way you can measure simultaneously and using a single unit, NO/NOx and SO2 gas concentration. 

The instruments are completed with a pressure (draught) sensor, an internal printer, an internal memory for storing data and a RS232 serial interface for configuration and data transfer from and to a PC.


  • CO dilution to extend the sensor range up to 10%
  • Electrovalve for autozero quick start-up
  • Draft measurement is possible using the internal pressure sensor and the special gas sample probe.
  • The optional internal printer is impact type and the generated document is very legible and has a long time duration.
  • The internal standard memory may store up to 250 complete gas analysis divided by Tag. A PCMCIA memory card adapter can be installed to extend the standard memory.
  • more than 10 hours of operations with standard Li-Ion battery pack
  • The UniGas has a standard USB serial port and the configuration PC software to configure the analyser.

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