BTC-901- Analog Temperature Controller

Build-in Laser Trim ASIC;
Easy to change range;
ON-OFFor time proportional selectable;
Compact, only 86mm in depth.

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This analog temperature controller is used for simple applications with on/off or P control, without deviation indication.

  • Build-in Laser Trim ASIC
  • Easy to change range
  • ON-OFFor time proportional selectable
  • Compact, only 86mm in depth
  • Wide selection of control output option
  • Wide selection of ranges
  • Sensor break protection
  • Low Cost
  • Safety : UL,cUL
  • EMC, LVD : CE


Thermocouple (T/C) Type J, K
RTD 3-wires PT 100 ohms, DIN or JIS
Range See ordering information
Accuracy ±2 %of span
Cold Junction Compensatin ±0.1°C / 1°C
Rejection of RTD Lead Resistance ( 0.1°C - 0.025% of PV reading) / ohm
Sensor Break Protection Upscale
External Resistance  100 ohms max.
Normal Mode Rejection 60 dB
Common Mode Rejection 120 dB
Sample Rate 3 times / second
Proportion Band 2.2% of span
ON-OFF Hysteresis  1 % of span
Cycle Time 20 seconds for relay output, 1 second for pulsed voltage output, 0.02 second for linear current or voltage output.
Control Action Reverse action
Control Relay 5A / 240V max. resistive load
Pulsed Voltage 20mA / 32VDC max.
Current 4-20mA, 0-20mA, max. load 500 ohms
Voltage 0- 10V, min. load 500k ohms
Set point Single turn wirewound potentiometer
Resolution of set point 0.2% of span
Accuracy of set point ±2%of span
Repeatability of set point ±0.1 span
Process Indicator BTC-902 : HI/LO LED indicators, 
BTC-901 : None
Status Indicator ON (red) LED Lamp, 
OFF (green) LED Lamp
Rating 100-130VAC or 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Consumption Less than 5VA
Operating Temperature 0-50°C
Humidity 0 to 90% RH (non-codensing)
Insulation 20M ohms min. (500VDC)
Breakdown AC2000V,50/60Hz,1 minute
Vibraton 10-55Hz,amplitude 1mm
Shock 200 m/s² (20g)
Weight BTC-901: 240 grams, 
BTC-902: 270 grams
Dimension 48(W)X48(H)X86mm (depth behind panel)
Panel cutout 45 X 45mm


Plastic/rubber industry

It is installed on the heating material tube of the injection molding machine to control the temperature of the raw material, effectively control the liquid temperature of the plastic and improve the molding quality of the product.

Installed on the hot runner system for temperature control of runners and gates to stabilize the quality of the plastic.

Temperature control on the mold temperature machine, indirectly adjusting the temperature of the mold by adjusting the temperature of the hot fluid, can improve the production efficiency of the product and reduce the generation of defective products.

Electric heating furnace industry

Vacuum furnace equipment / vacuum melting / vacuum heat treatment

A new algorithm for PID adjustment using fuzzy rules is used to adjust the PID algorithm to eliminate the PID saturation integral phenomenon when the error is large. When the error is small, the improved PID algorithm is used for adjustment and can be automatically adjusted. Learn and memorize some of the characteristics of the controlled object to optimize the effect

Semiconductor industry

The temperature control of the electric heating cloth package is often used for the heating of the exhaust pipe valve parts of the semiconductor factory, the panel factory, or the special steel cylinder.

In the semiconductor temperature process control program, the heating system of the chamber, such as the decane process, the dichloromethane process

Ceramic / kiln / glass industry

Ceramic sintering furnace:

The heating process on the sintering furnace controls the heating rate to obtain a finished product with better quality and stability.

Electric kiln:

Temperature adjustment during kiln firing to obtain a finished product with better quality and stability.


Fiber machinery

Dyeing machine:

control the temperature during dyeing to a suitable range, which in turn reduces chromatic aberration and improves the quality of dyed products.

Fiber dryer:

The temperature during drying is controlled within a suitable range to improve the fiber product.


Temperature Controller

  • Constant temperature and humidity machine
  • Heating/cooling air conditioning
  • Pool/bathroom temperature control facility

Ordering Code

1 Power Input 1: 100-130VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
2: 200-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
2 Signal Input 1: Type J thermocouple
2: Type K thermocouple
3: PT 100 ohm DIN
4: PT 100 ohm JIS
9: Other
3 Range Code
Code Range  Code Range Selected Solder GAP
2 0 ~ 100°C A 50 ~ 20°F J3
3 0 ~ 200°C B 50 ~ 40°F J4
4 0 ~ 300°C C 50 ~ 55°F J5
5 0 ~ 400°C D 50 ~ 750°F J6
* * E 50 ~ 850°F J7
6 0 ~ 600°C F 50 ~ 1100°F J8
7 0 ~ 800°C G 50 ~ 1400°F J9
8 0 ~ 1200°C H *0 ~ 2200°F J10
9 Other * * *
* Range K.L.M available for BTC-404 only
4 Control Mode
Code Mode  J11
1 ON-OFF Short
2 P ( proportional) Open
5 Output I 1: Relay, rated 5A/240VAC resistive
2: Pulsed voltage to drive SSR, rated 20mA/24V
3: 4-20mA linear, max. load 500 ohms
4: 0-20mA linear, max. load 500 ohms
5: 0-10V linear, min. load 500k ohms
9: Other
6 Output II 0: None
7 Alarm 0: None 
1: Deviation alarm relay output, rated 2A/24OVAC max. resistive load
8 Communication 0: None 200-240VAC, 50Hz/60H

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