PSC-SC384 Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement

For Industrial Process and Research Applications;
Non-contact, moisture measurement instruments;
On-line industrial process applications.

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This self-contained thermal imaging camera/24/7 machine vision/remote monitoring system, is a practical, yet versatile solution for applications that require non-contact temperature measurement. The compact and light-weight system instantaneously detects thermal variations and has the ability to trigger alarms and control processes. A “smart” camera with built-in microprocessor, the PSC-SC384 operates independently of a PC, once set up of functionality and alarms are complete.

Equipped with reliable, maintenance-free high-resolution uncooled microbolometer detector that provides exceptional long wave imaging performance, the camera delivers crisp, clear thermal images with over 110,000 individual pixel detector elements. It is designed to provide accurate and repeatable temperature measurements along with real-time thermographic images that profile a region of interest (ROI) as defined by simple-to-make user selections. The PSC-SC384’s built-in logic features make it the right choice for safety and security systems, and for product and process monitoring in industrial, medical, fire detection, science and Ramp applications.

Manual and optional motorized focus capabilities are available with built-in 27°, 43° or 62° lenses. Additional lenses are available to achieve custom fields of view. An optional microscopic lens can also be used to achieve close up imaging of very small targets. Plug-and-Play compatible, Model PSC-SC384 is the ideal system integration solution with optional analog outputs or I/O Field Bus communication device, used for process measurement and control. Gig E interface is standard for transmission of high-speed video and related control data over Ethernet networks and the RJ-45 gigabit connection providing a 384 x 288 pixel image resolution at frame rates as high as 60Hz.

PSC offers a complete line of accessories for the PSC-SC384 including optics, enclosures, signal converters, touch screen PCs, Z purges and IR windows to achieve turn-key solutions for the most demanding of applications. A wide selection of protective assemblies and mounting hardware allow for quick and convenient installation. 

Industrial Technical Services from Mississauga, Ontario is a single source Instrumentation and Automation company. We provide certified calibrations, PLC programming, custom controls and Panels.

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