Capella C3 Series- Futuristic Portable Thermometer

Robust handheld IR thermometers for non-contact temperature measurement;
2-color pyrometers switchable to 1-color mode;
■ Switchable bright green laser targeting light and through-lens view finder sighting
■ Fast temperature measurements in < 1 ms
■ Very high pinpoint accuracy
■ Focusable optics for measuring distances up to 10 m

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The Capella C3 Series of hand-held, battery operated 1- and 2-color IR thermometers brings all the advanced measurement capabilities of PSC fixed mounted pyrometers to the workplace in portable form. This rugged, comprehensive model series offers green laser or through lens sighting, ultra fast speed of response, short-wave devices for precise measurement of metals, welding, molten glass, furnace refractory, kilns, semi-conductors and ceramics. Features temperature ranges from 250°C to 3300°C.

Revolutionizing the portable IR thermometer market, Process Sensors is proud to offer the next generation of versatile, precision portable infrared thermometers with unrivaled features and functionality for measurement, display and pinpoint accuracy. Delivering ultra high accuracy, high speed, precision manually focusable optics, bright green laser targeting light visible on hot glowing targets and small spot sizes, the five model Capella C3 Series, are all contained within rugged cast metal housings that will stand up to the rigors of harsh plant conditions and perform flawlessly.


The Capella C3 Series gives an operator the option to customize a handheld instrument for the task at hand.  Through lens sighting and laser targeting light, 1-color or 2-color operation, manually focused optics, switchable serial interface, two display formats, several operating modes – all can be selected quickly and directly on the 2.6 pound device.


Several operating modes can be selected depending on the operator’s needs – a display mode with no data storage, an auto save mode triggered by one touch of a button, continuous measurement mode with data storage in < 1 ms, and an interval mode with definable measuring and pause times.


The 1- and 2-color Capella models boast a wide temperature range of 180° to 3300°C (356° to 5972°F) and response time of less than 1 ms.  There are two bright, backlit OLED display modes to choose from, very sturdy aluminum cast body with rubber housing bumpers for protection and a tripod mounting thread for stationary hands-free operation.  All device parameters are adjustable via 4 buttons and measurement parameters can be changed directly from the display without a menu call up. Data storage is simplified allowing access to up to 32,000 measured values including date, time, measuring parameters and measuring location designations with Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless data transmission.  Serial interface is switchable to USB 2.0 for charging and data readout.


This dynamic new series of handheld thermometers for measurement in the short-wave spectral range is perfect for metals, induction heating, semiconductor wafers, susceptor and molten silicon, furnace refractory, molten glass, welding, graphite, ceramics and medical applications.


Process Sensors Corporation offers the widest range of high performance, non-contact infrared temperature sensors, thermal imaging / thermal line scanning systems, and blackbody calibration sources to meet the most demanding on-line industrial process applications as well as sensitive low cost OEM performance requirements.  

Industrial Technical Services from Mississauga, Ontario is a single source Instrumentation and Automation company. We provide certified calibrations, PLC programming, custom controls and Panels.

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