LS Capacitive Point Level Switch

Suited for detection of water based (>25%) liquid media, excels in foamy or viscous applications.

  • Conductivity independent+E52.
  • Selectable sensitivity.
  • Simple installation and connectivity.
  • Fast reaction time.
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The LS series capacitive point level switch is designed to provide reliable product/no product sensing in a compact sensor suitable for a broad variety of applications and installations. Particularly suited for detection of water based (>25%) liquid media independent of conductivity in vessels or process tubing, the LS level sensor excels in high viscous applications.

The Level Switch (LS) point level detector is designed to provide reliable point measurement in a compact sensor suitable for a broad variety of applications and installations. Particularly suited for detection of water based (>25%) liquid media in vessels or pipes, the LS excels in foamy or viscous applications. Utilizing RF capacitive technology, the LS detects changes in the dielectric constant from air to detected media. Fast reacting, the LS will detect changes in state in less than one second. Featuring a dielectric threshold adjustment, sensor sensitivity may be selected to accommodate a broad range of media while eliminating false readings. The LS is also equipped with a status LEDs and available with an optional windowed cover allowing local indication of sensor condition simplifying startup and diagnostic procedures. A simple three wire connection allows power and signal to connect directly to a PLC without the need for an external relay module. Standard Anderson quick disconnect eases installation by utilizing three conductor cable. The receptacle even maintains NEMA 4X water tight protection when disconnected. Finally the stainless steel enclosure is designed to protect from the rigors of frequent wash downs and vibration.


  • Conductivity independent
  • Fast reaction time
  • Selectable sensitivity
  • Simple installation and connectivity
  • 3-A compliant; Third party verified


  • Level detection in vessels or pipes
  • Product monitoring in pipes
  • Empty vessel indication
  • Pump protection
  • Low conductivity fluids such as liquid sugar and Deionized water
  • Foamy or Viscous media such as syrups or concentrates

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