LB/LL Conductive Point Level Sensors and Modules

Rated for Process temperatures from 30°F (-1°C) to 200°F (94°C)
Meets NEMA 4X requirements
For applications exposed to wide temperature swings and repeated CIP cycles.
New compressed elastomeric seal between the probe and Teflon® coating

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The LB Point Level probe utilizes a new process developed to seal Teflon® insulation to stainless steel probes providing a smooth, thick, permanent coating that’s impervious to conditions encountered in sanitary processing and CIP applications. To simplify installation the LB incorporates an elastomer between the Teflon® and the probe that allows any probe to be shortened by up to six inches in the field.

Switching modules are connected to the probes via a water-tight Quick Disconnect. The module provides Form-C relay contacts for switching or alarming and is supplied with Single Pole/Double Throw (SPDT) contacts. Modules are designed for single level or differential operation and are available in fixed or field adjustable sensitivity. A NEMA 4X enclosure may be specified for mounting the switching module local to the probe.

The LB also features a second proprietary, elastomeric compression seal at the top of each probe to insure a sanitary seal is maintained at the probe-to-fitting junction. No threads exist within or near the product contact zone.

Finally, the LB integrates a stainless steel wiring head that simplifies field wiring and retro-fits to existing electronic controls. The head and fitting assembly can support up to 4 individual probes, plus a separate tank reference connection.

The housing includes a pre-wired and sealed quick-disconnect receptacle and can be specified with a field wireable mating connector or with any length of pre-wired cable.

The quick disconnect even meets NEMA 4X requirements in the disconnected position!


  • Long-Term sterility and cleanability via:
  • all new patent-pending compressed elastomeric seal between the probe and Teflon® coating
  • Proprietary elastomric compression seal at the probe-to-fitting junction
  • Integrated stainless steel head makes retrofits simple
  • Water-tight quick-disconnect includes pre-wired tank ground reference
  • Up to four probes per fitting for multiple level applications
  • Rated for Process temperatures from 30°F (-1°C) to 200°F (94°C)


  • HTST Balance Tanks
  • Cream Balance Tanks
  • CIP System Tanks
  • Silo High Level Alarm
  • Any Atmospheric Tank Containing a Conductive Fluid

Industrial Technical Services from Ontario, Mississauga, is a single source Instrumentation and Automation company. We provide certified calibrations, PLC programming, custom controls and Panels.

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