HMI and SCADA modular solutions suite;
Single development tool for multiple purposes;
OPC-To-The-Core™ Technology;
Web-based visualization;
Alarm notification and OPC multimedia alerts.

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SYSTEM302 provides a fully configurable graphical user interface (GUI) that can be freely configured by the user in order to meet specific plant operating requirements.

Optionally, SMAR may pre-configure hierarchical general view screens, groups and details, as well as other common screens, such as synoptic, real-time history files; alarm and event files, etc.

ProcessView is the first and only application package for OPC, SNMP, SCADA and HMI with totally scalable Web connection. It was developed to support the maximum possible range of Microsoft Windows operational systems, and is configurable for easy use, performance and cost reduction, thanks to its open standards-based design.
ProcessView is entirely built in compliance with the OPC (OPC-To-The-Core™), which eliminates duplicating the system database during development of projects and ensures connectivity and interoperability via OPC Plugand- Play with the main application, equipment and industrial networks. 

HMI and SCADA modular solutions suite

Best-in-class HMI and SCADA modular solutions suites are available through product modules or a totally integrated package.

Single development tool for multiple purposes

ProcessView can be executed on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. Web-based applications are executed on web navigators and servers, as well as on wireless dedicated pocket computers, Microsoft Windows CE and embarked devices. 

OPC-To-The-Core™ Technology

ProcessView can be used with any OPC server, while adding real-time OPC data management, data communication and redundancy for any OPC application. Transparent and safe data tunneling and OPC clients between any servers are possible thanks to the new OPC tunneling integrated technology. 

Web-based visualization

ProcessView has navigation features for client terminals – thin clients – for trend, alarm and operation graphics. It uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer standard and doesn’t need to be installed in client machines. ProcessView is certified for Microsoft Terminal Server technology.

Alarm notification and OPC multimedia alerts

The multimedia package is based on OPC alarms and events, which provides concise reports and alarm registers for a common database. This allows alarms to be sent for voice applications over IP, electronic mail, fax, telephone, pagers, SMS, GSM and voice systems. 

OPC, SNMP and database connectivity

Thanks to powerful OPC-To-The-Core and SNMP technology, ProcessView is practically suited to almost any industrial automation device. SNMP technology allows administrators manage network performance, as well as diagnose problems, plan expansions, etc. 

Integrated recipe management

Integrated recipe data management makes it possible to centralize expressions, chronograms, alarm subscription and filters, recipes, tag groups, event triggers and registers. A user-friendly interface also simplifies creation of expression libraries, recipes and other reusable functions. 

User-friendly firewall interface and wireless equipment integration

Due to SOAP/XML and TCP/IP communication characteristics, the integration of corporate IT LANs, WANs and intranet networks becomes a “plug-and-play” operation. Users can mobilize their labor force with wireless devices like pocket computers, cell phones and PDAs. This is the ideal tool for operators, supervisors and managers. 

Alteration of languages and reusable global variables

Users can implement their systems anywhere in the world by defining multiple languages and engineering unit conversions for their operator stations. Easy, reusable screens, trends and alarm applications with indirect global variables are a striking differential in this application. 

Powerful data exploration technology

Software components can be integrated with the database and accessed in a similar fashion to OPC connectivity. This powerful data exploration technology provides read/write access among several types of applications, including the Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, SAP, plant historians, manufacturing packages, or any source of data compatible with ODBC. 

Visual reproduction control and recording traceability

Reproduction of real-time history data inside the user-configured graphic screen provides confidence to plant operators. The media control is shown on top of the operator screen and works as DVD reader. Users can quickly specify time and data range and back and forward action, as well as change replay speed and localize critical events.

Industrial Technical Services from Mississauga, Ontario is a single source Instrumentation and Automation company. We provide certified calibrations, PLC programming, custom controls and Panels.

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