YT-720S 3Way Type 1/4 Solenoid Valve


Designed as Ex d IIC T6 explosion proof grade.
Easy replacement of coil.
Tests operation in manual switch without power source.
High durability.
Directly mounted on an actuator (NAMUR design).

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Explosion proof type 3way solenoid valve, YT-720S series outputs pressure to valves or changes output port direction.


  • Explosion proof type (ExdIICT6) solenoid valve. 
  • Replacement of coil is easy due to AC and DC applied in same enclosure.
  • Manual switch enables user to test the operation when the power source is cutoff.
  • Connecting wires are easy because connection port can be rotated (265°). 
  • Valve body is air pressure operating type, so the operation is very smooth with high durability. 
  • Can be directly attached on actuator, because of NAMUR type design. 
  • Coil assembly can be rotated.

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